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Coffee Roast

coffee roast

dark chocolate, dried apricot, toast, bitter sweet

40% India Monsooned Malabar Arabica
30% Ethiopia Sidamo, Riff Valey
30% Brazil, Monte Belo

Karnauka, Mangalore Aspinwall-Coffee

coffee roast

chocolate, dried apricot, silky, popcorn, seasalt

altitude: 1000-1600 m
variety: arabica
soil: mineral clay
processing: natural monsooning
screen: 17 up
harvest: 2018/2019

Nuévo Oriente, Eastern Highlands, Guatemala

coffee roast und espresso roast

chocolate, nougat, caramel,

altitude: 1200 m ++
variety: Bourbon / Caturra
soil: weathered volcanic soil
processing: fully washed
harvest: November 2021 - February 2022
special: Microlot, cool & wet Microclimate

Narino Colombia – Luis Fernando Benavidese

coffee roast und espresso roast

bergamot, black currant, peach

altitude: 1900-2100 m
variety: geisha
soil: volcanic
processing: fully washed
harvest: 2019/2020

Sul de Minas, Guaxupé, Fazenda Ipiranga, Hannjörg, Domenica & Valentin

coffee roast

dark chocolate, toast, bitter sweet, balanced

altitude: 900-1100 m
variety: Catuai, Mundo Novo
processing: pulped natural
screen: 16 up
harvest: 2018/2019

Wahgi Valley, Sigri Estate

coffee roast

blueberry, pomegranate, orange blossom

altitude: 1400-1450 m
variety: Arustia, Typica
soil: black clay
processing: fully washed
screen: 18 up
harvest: 2020

Maria Mercedes Grajales  
Quimbaya Quindio

coffee roast& espresso roast 

cherry, marzipan, dark choclate, red wine

altitude: 1450m  
variety: castillo 
processing: natural 35h aerob fermentiert 
screen: 17up 
harvest: 2021



Riff Valey, Kuru

coffee roast und espresso roast

violet, peach, cacao, toast

altitude: 1400-2000 m
variety: arabica
soil: volcanic
special: shade grown, organic
processing: fully washed
screen: 14 up
harvest: 2019

Ivan Solis, Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu, Santa Fe

coffee roast& espresso roast

tarte mango, mixed red candies

altitude: 1900m
variety: Red Catuai.                                  processing: candy natural honey                    screen: 17up 
harvest: 2021/2022